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Grid Modernization

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MicroGrids and Renewable Integration

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At LocalGrid We’re Setting A New Energy-Delivery Paradigm: We Think Locally To Make A Difference Globally

LocalGrid provides a next-generation approach to solving one of the biggest challenges of our time – increasing the reliability of electrical grids to meet the growing needs of the 21st century. We are transforming power delivery through smart, flexible solutions designed to evolve in sync with the way we produce and consume energy – today and in the future.

The demand for reliable, affordable and renewable energy is on the rise worldwide as population, urbanization and development increase at unprecedented rates. Aging electricity grids – developed over the last century – are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing need for more electricity to power new technologies such as electric vehicles. At the same time our aging infrastructure cannot effectively integrate renewable energies such as wind and solar, which support a healthy environment.

The need for change is clear, but changing how we do things – especially when costly infrastructure is involved – is never easy. LocalGrid makes the transition easier. Our innovative solutions support the integration of new technology into existing electricity grids by providing simple integration, rich data-centric information and solutions that improve the effectiveness of power grids at the local level, piece by piece.

Embedded Platforms - LocalGrid’s DataFabric

LocalGrid’sDataFabric solution enables secure, high-resolution communications over existing and low-bandwidth networks, seamlessly integrating new and legacy assets, and can be used to manage distributed grid assets, develop better network “stress” insight and optimize generation dispatch.


Whether you are designing a new architecture or need help with integrating one of our solutions for MicroGrid deployment and asset management, our engineers can provide the expertise in embedded systems for the monitoring, control and data management solutions that your project requires.

About Us

LocalGrid is the next generation, MicroGrid solutions’ company.

LocalGrid was founded in 2012 to help electrical utilities meet the growing needs of the 21st century and solve today’s challenges of grid modernization. We are evolving the grid at a local and regional level through smart, flexible and analytic solutions to sync with the way energy is produced and consumed.

LocalGrid provides an easy-to-modify, embedded software platform for electrical utilities looking to deploy cost-effective, MicroGrid topologies. Our solution enhances the performance and prolongs the life of the current aging electrical infrastructure, delaying capital investment and scaling the reach of power.

Our solution enables seamless integration with new and legacy infrastructure, and can be used to manage distributed grid assets, develop better network stress insight and optimize generation dispatch at a reduced integration cost and lower capital investments.

  • Decrease Infrastructure Costs

    Generate more power behind existing transformers and move more power through existing assets in off-peak hours.

  • Flexibility

    Systems upgrades can be made remotely, over-the-air, allowing the electrical grid to evolve with changing standards, applications and user demand.

  • Big Data Solution

    Real-time, high-resolution data analysis and autonomous control actions create a distributed grid that is less susceptible to point failures and becomes more fault-tolerant with local event detection and analysis.